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How do I view my section?
From the list above, select your competition/section. Please note, JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser for this to work.

How do I change the round being viewed?
Under the ladder is a slide bar. Drag the box along the bar to change the round.

Why are there no results?
At the start of the season, ladders may not exist. Please wait until after the season has begun, and scores have been entered.

How accurate are the round by round ladders?
The ladders displayed come directly from the scoring database. There has been no error checking applied to the scores displayed, which may put some inaccuracies into the ladders. For the most accurate, and up to date ladders, please view your sections ladders on the Ladders page.

Why can results be missing?
Based on how the scoring software works, there may be rounds which have no data. The first round may also have no data for the Bye and the team playing the Bye.

Why are all rounds in my competition not displayed?
The Round by Round ladder will only display data up to the last round where data in the database. Some rounds may have data entered, however the scoring software may not have moved the data to the relevant parts of the database, hence the round will exist, however appear to have no data.

Please note, no error checking has been applied to these ladders, hence they may not match the ladders available on the ladders page at

For the most accurate and up to date ladders, please go to the ladders page.