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Online Team Scoring

The Online Scoring used on has had another section added to it to allow teams to enter their own scores. This is a change from the older system where we have assigned one record keeper per section.

Currently, the Sunday Morning Junior and Tuesday Night Open competitions are using the Online Team Scoring on

The change to the Online Scoring has many advantages, including that the ladders will often be updated on the Sunday afternoon (for Junior matches) and Tuesday night (for the Tuesday Night Open matches).


Where can I access the Online Team Scoring?

Team Managers can access the Online Team Scoring by clicking the Team Scoring link on the side menu (once logged in). Users will need to have access to the Team Management area of the website to access the Team Scoring.


What do I need to know about this change?

Firstly, the rounds lock out. Previously with the Online Scoring program, record keepers could edit the information in any round. This remains the same when record keeper uses the Online Scoring, however with the Online Team Scoring component, scores must be entered and confirmed by a lockout date.

The new software also logs teams who have not entered scores by the lockout date, and produces a list of teams for the association admin users as a web page, and optionally via email.


When is the lockout date?

Rounds lock out in two stages. The home team is locked out from entering scores on Wednesday at 5pm. This allows time for the away team to confirm the scores by Saturday at 11pm.


Which team enters the scores?

The home team enters the scores, selecting the players from both teams. The away team managers will be emailed a link that will allow the team to confirm the scores entered.


Can scores be changed after they've been confirmed or after the lockout date?

Users of the Online Team Scoring cannot change the scores once they've been confirmed. After you enter the scores, the website will show you the scores that you have entered, and the overall totals for your team. If there are errors at this stage, you can go back to fix them. After you click on the confirmation link, the scores are assumed to be final.

The Online Team Scoring cannot be reopened once scores are confirmed, or once the lockout date is reached. If there are any errors, you will need to email us to have them changed.

Scores for all rounds that have been played can be viewed by clicking selecting the round. A "read only" version of the scoring will be displayed for your records.


What if I forget to confirm the scores after their entered?

If you don't click on the confirmation link, the scores will be deemed to not be entered. As such, your team may be forfeited against.


When do rounds open for the entry of scores?

Rounds open early in the morning on the day the round is set to be played. Future rounds are locked out by the system, until the date of the round.


How often do the ladders get updated?

Once both teams have confirmed their scores, the ladders will be updated around 5 - 10 minutes after the second team has confirmed their scores. The scoring software may change the time it takes to update the ladders during times of heavy traffic in order to keep the load on the server to a minimum.


What happens in the event of a washout or forfeit?

In either case, both team will still need to log into the Online Team Scoring, select either the Washout or Forfeit buttons, submit, and confirm the scores. The appropriate points will then automatically be awarded


What if I don't enter scores?

If both teams have not entered scores, the system will award a forfeit against the home team (i.e. the away team will get all the points).

If the away team doesn't confirm the scores, they will be forfeited against.

Where teams haven't entered scores, the team and round is logged in the database for the association admin users.


How does the Online Team Scoring check for errors?

The error checking is the same that is used by the existing Online Scoring program. Whilst we can't go into full details as to how it works, any errors that are picked up are logged in the database for the association admin users to see as a web page, and optionally via email.

The association has the ability to override any scores entered.

Teams will also be notified by email if there are any errors in the scoring. Further instructions will be contained within the email. Teams will have to send in their scorecards (either by post, or a scanned copy of the scorecard via email).


What happens if one team tries to fudge the figures a little bit?

Since the away team has to confirm the scores entered, they can raise a scoring dispute by clicking a link on the confirmation page. After a dispute is raised, both teams are emailed with further instructions in order to resolve the dispute.


Who has access to the Online Team Scoring?

Users will need to have access to the Team Management section of the website. For Club Delegates, to access the Online Team Scoring, if you are not set up with access to the team, you can easily add yourself with access to the team via the existing setup.

Team Manager user accounts can be setup in a couple of different ways. Firstly, through our Online Team Entry, when the team gets entered, the Club Delegate can enter the Team Manager's name, phone number and email address. The system will send out a username/password or update the users account with this information. The second way is for Club Managers to give access through the existing Club Management section of the website. Please don't contact us (the website admin) to have Team Manager accounts set up.


How long do I need to keep the scoresheets for?

Scoresheets must be kept by BOTH teams until after the Grand Final has been played. The association may request a random sample of scoresheets at any time. If this does happen, teams will be notified individually as to which rounds will need to be sent in.


What scores need to be entered?

All individual games scores (games won and lost) for Singles and Doubles matches will need to be entered by each team. The Online Scoring software will take care of any additions, allocation of points, who won, etc.


How do I add players into the team?

To add a new player into your team, under the singles scores is a link, "Add new players into this team". A list will come up with all the players currently listed for your club. You can search through this list by either first name or surname. If the player isn't in the list, there is an area to add a new player. Enter their first name, surname and date of birth. Optionally add their email address and phone number.

The VCLTA has put a limit of 10 players per team. If you require more then 10, an admin user will need to add the players. You will have to email the details through to

Only the home team at this stage has access to adding players into a team.


What information is logged in the database?

Other then the scores, and all data related to the scoring, data that is logged includes (but is not limited to) the user who confirmed the scores and time that the scores are confirmed. This is generally used for statistical purposes. This information is generally cleared at the end of each season when the website sets up for the following season, however some statistical data may be kept.

There are also the website logs, which contain much information about what pages are accessed on the website, etc. These logs are pretty much the same as per any website that you visit.


Are all scores kept when the season has finished?

The website keeps an aggergate of the score totals for each singles and doubles player, and a history of the results from each match played.


What do I do if I have a question that isn't listed above, or need help?

If you have any queries about the Online Team Scoring, please email