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Tuesday Night Open
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Tuesday Night Open Competition Format

This Competition is open to players of all ages

Each teams consist of 4 players, any mix of male and female players with additional players being nominated for emergenices. The borrowing or loaning of players to/from another club for the season is permitted. (it is preferable that at least one female plays in a side)

All players are ranked prior to the start of play each week. Rankings can change each week.
It is recommended that any emergency players are ranked in the proper position based on standard.

All players play 3 sets of double each in the following order:
PLAYERS 1 & 2   V   PLAYERS 1 & 2
PLAYERS 3 & 4   V   PLAYERS 3 & 4
PLAYERS 1 & 3   V   PLAYERS 1 & 3
PLAYERS 2 & 4   V   PLAYERS 2 & 4
PLAYERS 1 & 4   V   PLAYERS 1 & 4
PLAYERS 2 & 3   V   PLAYERS 2 & 3
(The number one players play against each other in all sets)

Matchers are played on a Tuesday night commencing at 7:30pm sharp - only one court is required, some venues have share courts that they may rotate other sets on.

Two teams may be entered for each available court at your club. More than one location may be used if required. can assist in finding courts with lights if required by your club.

All sets are 6 game set with a tie-breaker played at 5 all.
The cut throat juice rule applies to this competition - when the score gets to deuce the winner of the next point will be awarded the game.

All clubs must have paid affiliation fee to the treasurer. ($10 per year)

The pennant committee reserves the right to re-grade any teams entered. Entries will be geographically zoned wherever possible.


There is no team entry fee for this competition.
Each player pays $10 per week when they play to the host venue. This includes light hire, new tennis balls and supper at the end of the night (which is the responsibility of the host venue).

If there are any further questions please email: